Engineering the Heavy Move:

Air Caster Solutions™ Air Bearing Load-movers & LoadLifters

The Air Caster Solutions™ air bearing mover is a structural load-carrying frame with a single air bearing. Normally used in sets of four or more, movers powered by air bearings give easy, friction-free movement of heavy loads.

As individual units, Air Caster Solutions™ movers use air bearings to provide maximum versatility for transporting loads of various widths and lengths. The movers are spaced apart to support and carry the load. Available in a wide range of capacities, these units are commonly used by maintenance departments and riggers and are sometimes referred to as air skids or air skates.


  • Slide-out mounting allows air bearings to be serviced without lifting the load.
  • Offers versatile positioning to fit almost any load
  • Available in lightweight aluminum or steel
  • Provide low floor loading to prevent damage
  • Spark-free operation allows use in hazardous areas
  • Abrasion-resistant urethane diaphragms
  • Customizable to handle extremely difficult loads
  • Steel load lifter specifications

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