Air Caster Solutions™ Industrial Turntables

When it comes to keeping your workstations running, Air Caster Solutions™ industrial turntables, powered by air bearings, can be key to keeping you operating.

Air bearings equipped container handling turntables are designed to keep a workstation supplied with full or empty containers. The operator powers the turntable with an air valve actuator.

The Air Caster Solutions™ valve actuator allows for easy manual or powered rotation of the turntable, eliminating the downtime of waiting for resupply by a lift truck or other means. Single container rotates are used for double-sided racks or to reduce reaching when unloading or loading parts from a large container.

Two-Position Turntables

Air Caster Solutions™ two-position turntables are available in six standard configurations, all with a 4,000-pound capacity per position.

Four-Position Turntables

Our standard 4-position Air Caster Solutions™ industrial turntables are available in side-by-side and side-to-end configurations. All units have 4,000-pound capacity per position.

  • Side by side: Used when the container is square and/or when operator needs to work out of two containers at the same time.
  • Side to end: Used when containers are rectangular and access to only one container at a time is needed. Side-to-end turntables can be specified as either left-hand or right-hand units.

Custom Turntables

Air Caster Solutions™ LLC specializes in designing and building industrial turntables powered by air bearings. Our units are designed to meet specific requirements with respect to heavy load capacity, configuration, and rotation. Below are the general types of industrial custom turntables available:

  • Flush-floor, pit-mounted turntables
  • Turntables are installed into a pit in the floor to provide a top deck that is level with the floor. Pit design is included with this product design to assist in required floor modifications. Manual or powered rotation available.
  • Rail turntables
  • This Air Caster Solutions™ turntable is normally designed for pit mounting. The top deck has rails spaced to match with customer flanged wheel dollies or vehicles. Units are typically supplied with rotation stops that give alignment of the turntable rails with rails mounted in the floor.
  • Crane bay turntables
  • Positioning an air-bearing turntable between two crane bays allows a heavy load to be placed on one half of the turntable. The turntable can then be rotated to move the load into the adjacent crane bay. The crane in that bay can then remove the load. Operating in this manner, the turntable becomes a crane bay shuttle.
  • Hazardous area turntables
  • Air Caster Solutions’ custom turntables are plant air operated with powered rotation normally provided by air motors. That means they can be operated in hazardous areas that would otherwise require costly explosion-proof, electrically powered components to prevent sparking.
  • Robotic interface turntables
  • Air Caster Solutions’ robotic turntables rotate containers into and out of a robot load/unload position. These custom turntables are equipped with powered rotation and precision stops. Most controls are electrical and integrated into a host controller.

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