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Our air bearings-based products are sold throughout North America to the automotive, heavy construction and heavy electrical, major appliance, aerospace, and other industries interested in the moving power of air bearings.

From our location at 2887 N. Woodford St. in Decatur, Illinois, Air Caster Corporation has approximately 23,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. Fabrication capabilities include structures made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Air Caster's air bearings and air pallets help move loads with ease.

Air Caster Corporation: A leading manufacturer of material handling products using air bearings

Air Caster's line of material handling products can move loads up to 140,000 pounds thanks to air bearings (also known as air casters).

Products that use the power of air bearings

Air Bearings

Using a continuous flowing film of air to eliminate friction against the floor, Air Bearings allow easy movement and positioning of heavy loads. A full range is available with capacities from 1000 pounds to 36,000 pounds per air bearing.

Air bearing movers

Chosen for its versatility, the air bearing mover is a structural load-carrying frame that uses air bearings for friction-free, easy movement of heavy loads.

Air pallets and air bearing transporters

An industry favorite, our pallets and transporters (pallets with steerable drive tractors) are steel platforms powered by air bearings. They're offered in standard and custom sizes with load capacities ranging from 4,000 to more than 140,000 pounds.

Adjustable height work platforms

When the machine or tooling height changes, our adjustable height work platforms bring the operator to the work.

Pneumatic scissor lifts and more

For equipment positioning, you need an ergonomically safe option: Air Caster's pneumatic scissor lifts, lift and rotates, and lift and tilts allow for easy operator access to part containers.

Ergonomic tilters

Powered by plant air and hydraulics, these heavy-duty tilters bring parts closer to the operator providing ergonomic and productivity benefits.

Industrial air bearing turntables

Turntables save time and boost productivity by allowing operators to re-supply their own workstations. We also customize industrial air bearing turntables to meet your specific needs.

Material handling services

When it comes to custom-designed material handling options, Air Caster's sales and engineering teams can help you every step of the way.

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