Air Caster™ Staff

Air Caster™ Staff and Key Leadership

Air Caster™ staff develops custom-engineered solutions for manufacturing and ergonomic challenges.

Key Leadership

John Lay, General Manager (Sales, Engineering and Operations)
Call John at (217) 877-1237 X306 or email him at

Barry Crites, Operations Manager (Fabrication, Assembly, Shipping and Scheduling)
Call Barry at (217) 877-1237 X312 or email him at

Becca Steele, Office Manager (Order Processing, Invoicing, AR/AP)
Call Becca at (217) 877-1237 X303 or email her at

Don Reining, Applications Engineering Manager (Estimating and Technical Assistance)
Call Don at (217) 877-1237 X311 or email him at